The Pillars of MKD


Brief History

Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku is a tertiary educational institution of the Philippine Nikkei
Jin Kai in Davao City, Philippines. The College building was constructed in the year 2001
through the funding and generosity of the late Mr. Tatsuo Uchida (who died last May 2016), a
past President of the Japan-Philippine Volunteer Association (JPVA). The MKD edifice serves
as a legacy for his wife, the late Ayako Uchida who died in 1999.
MKD commenced its operation in the year 2002, with the strong support and assistance
coming from the JPVA headed by the President at the time, Mr. Masataka Ajiro, who helped
significantly in the establishment of the College and in the crafting of the school’s philosophy
and basic principles.
MKD is established primarily to address the needs of Japan and the Philippines, to help the
young Filipinos of the 21st century in their pursuit of academic excellence, to serve humanity,
and become a new bridge between the two nations. The establishment of MKD served as a
pinnacle of the JPVA activities and the growth of PNJK’s educational services.